At the “Biggest Little Eyeglass Store on Long Island”, our staff Optometrists, offers a full range of comprehensive eye exams, family eye care and contact lens fittings to patients of all ages and eye conditions. Dr. Maresca and Dr. Diaz are certified Doctors of Optometry, licensed in the state of NY, and have years of experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of vision problems. Our doctors are referred to by ophthalmologists from all over Long Island, Manhattan, and the TriState area. They are experienced optometrists in Long Island, and trusted members of the community. While well versed in all aspects of vision diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Maresca and Dr. Diaz are widely recognized as an expert in refractions and contact lens fittings. If you’d just like routine eye exams to update your prescription, or have any other vision problems, please contact the Roslyn Eye Centre to schedule your eye exam with our optometrists.



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