Prescription Sports Lenses Available at Roslyn Eye Centre

Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, or any other active sport, Roslyn Eye Centre now offers prescription lenses for all your sporting needs. It can be discouraging to take part in these activities when you can not see as well as your competitors. Wearing your regular prescription lenses for these activities is not recommended. You may end up breaking them or worse losing them while playing your sport. Let us help you get back into the sports you are passionate about. Here at Roslyn Eye Centre, we provide you eyewear with prescription sports lenses for any activity.

While participating in your sport it is important to make sure your lenses:

  • Don’t fog up:
    • As your body is moving, you begin sweating. The sweat can cause condensation to build up against your lenses. This can make it difficult to see what is happening while you are moving around. Having properly ventilated sports eyewear is important in order to see what is happening at all times.
  • Are safe:
    • Damage control is a big factor for athletic prescriptive lenses. While moving around at a fast pace you can not always readjust your lenses and make sure they are placed properly on your face. Accidents happen and your prescription lenses can break. You need to know that if the lenses were to break while playing your sport, they will not shatter and pieces of glass will not end up in your eyes.

Before you participate in your next sporting event, head over to The Roslyn Eye Centre and pick up a pair of athletic prescription lenses. Once you put on a pair of our eyewear with prescription sports lenses, you’ll notice that seeing clearly is the only way to play the sports you love playing.

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