Why You Need a Spare Set of Your Kids Glasses

As a parent, it can be difficult to take care of your child’s glasses. You often wonder if they broke or misplaced them. Kids are very active and constantly on the move. Accidents happen and your kid’s glasses can break. What happen’s if your child does break his or her glasses? How will they keep going when they can not see correctly? At Roslyn Eye Centre we have some helpful ideas should the worse happen to your kid’s glasses.

Sports can be a problem for your kid’s glasses. When your child is running around in a very physical sport, their glasses are at a high risk of getting scratched or breaking. In some cases, your child will be able to see fine while playing their sport without glasses on. However, some kids might need their glasses in order to play.  At The Roslyn Eye Center we offer prescription sports lenses that your son or daughter can wear during any activity. Learn more about our sports eyewear.

Another thing to consider when first purchasing your kid’s glasses is whether or not you should also purchase a second pair of glasses. You never know just when your child might accidentally break or lose their glasses. When you have the spare set of glasses, your kid will be able to continue without any set backs because they are able to see clearly with their backup pair of kids glasses.

At Roslyn Eye Center we are trained professionals who have been specializing in kids glasses for over 25 years. Your child will have a positive experience and our opticians will set up your child with a pair of glasses that will not only look great but make them feel great as well. In our store, we created “A Child’s Site.” This section is devoted exclusively to kids. We have the largest children’s eyewear department in the TriState area. With a huge selection of kids frames, getting your child a pair of glasses has never been easier.

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