Roslyn Eye Center Offers Tinted Sunglasses in Roslyn, NY

At Roslyn Eye Centre we want to help you stay up to date on all of the latest eyewear trends. In order to do this, we have some tips for stylish women’s eyewear for 2017. Here are 4 suggestions for picking out the most fashionable eyewear this summer.

Colored Frames are In:
Adding some color to your eyewear is a popular trend for 2017. Rather than going with bold and flashy colors, we recommend keeping things subtle by wearing frames with colors such as amber, grey, or cool blues.

Double Rim:
Continuously standing out on runways over the past year, double rim frames have landed a spot in eyewear fashion trends this summer. By mixing double rim frames with tinted lenses you will have a popular look that also makes you stand out amongst the crowd.

Colored Lenses:
Similar to mirrored lenses, colored lenses are playing a big part in 2017 fashion trends. Eyewear that have bold colored lenses has been incredibly trendy. We recommend yellow lenses as they have been a popular color this spring and we will definitely be seeing more of them this summer.

Developed in 1936 for pilots, aviators have been able to keep their spot in the top trends for a while now. In fact, they are so popular that we don’t see them losing popularity anytime soon. If you want stylish eyewear that will remain trendy for years to come, we recommend picking up a pair of aviators for yourself.

Roslyn Eye Centre is your trusted place to get all the latest eyewear fashions. For over 50 years our specialists have provided the best in women’s eyewear trends and styles. If you want to know more and stay at the top of eyewear fashions, be sure to come down to the Roslyn Eye Centre.

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